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Pause Screen


2009-11-19 11:46:08
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Hey gang!  Thanks for coming to the site.  We here at PX!Crew Central wanted to give you an update real quick...

First of all, thanks for continuing to follow, support, and harrass PX!, even when our silly comic pages come few and far between these days.  Despite that the forum had to be put down for rabies, we still keep up to date with the PandaChat, and we appreciate all the yammering.

Secondly... we really need to apologize for the lack of activity here.  The fact of the matter is, we've both had a tumultuous couple of years... and when the going gets tough, sometimes it's the freely produced webcomics that suffer the most.  I think Socrates said that.  Or was it Plato?

Anyhow, PX! and PX! related media is still very big-big in our hearts, and we promise to get back to regular posting just as soon as these crazy lives of ours allow.  In the meantime, please gaze upon this actual screen grab of the actual PX! videogame that will never exist.

Plus, I heard that if you guess the secret code, you get 99 lives and can play as Pollo!

Much love,

-PX!GC and PX!AM

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